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Reliable Web Designs - Flagstaff Website Design, Domain Registration, Website Hosting, Search Engine Marketing, and other Internet Marketing Services - Flagstaff Central [Arizona]
Reliable Web Designs - Flagstaff Website Design, Domain Registration, Website Hosting, Search Engine Marketing, and other Internet Marketing Services - Flagstaff Central [Arizona]

Technical Lectures, Instructional Videos, and Classes

We believe in empowering the public! We know that all of this technical mumbo jumbo can be frightening. We see it every day, where new technologies throw a wrench into how we think, how we do our jobs, or how we run our businesses. It’s going so fast that sometimes it’s nearly impossible to keep up with. Instead of hiding it from people or expecting you to make decisions without understanding, our philosophy is all about educating our clients and the public so they can make sound choices in how they need to move forward.

To this end, we’ve been working hard on creating ways to tell people about what we do. If you know the basic concepts on all of the online options, then you can either choose to try to do things yourself or you can decide to hire us knowing that not only do we know what we are doing, but that you also understand what we’ll be doing for you. Having educated clients helps us do our jobs better! It’s important for us to not techno babble you, but to openly explain to you how it works.

Here are some of the educational options we offer…

Instructional Videos

It has always been our philosophy to empower our clients to understand the technology so that they can do their part and/or know what we are providing for them.  Years ago, we always did one on one classes.  When a client needed to know how to do something, we met with them or did phone conversations to help them figure it out and learn.  And then, when the class was over, the client went home remembering maybe 30% or 40% of what we said.  It’s not that we still don’t do these classes, but we felt there was a better way!

It came to us that instead of doing these in person classes that Instructional Videos could be just as personalized, but that they’d stand the test of time.  What we do is screen videos with us talking over them.  They are not general videos about a topic, but are specifically designed for each client.  We don’t believe that people enjoy watching things that have nothing to do with them.  So, for every client that wants instruction, we do videos that are made and focused directly for them.

During the videos, we are typically in their website or the service they want to learn about…  The videos show them what to click on to do each function or feature they need to learn about.  They aren’t fancy.  They are raw videos of us talking to our clients.  By the time we do them for a client, we know the skills they have and what they will and won’t understand.  There’s no point in showing someone things they already know.  So, these are personalized videos showing the client what they do need to learn.

The beauty of them is – the client can watch them over and over and over again!  

That means 100% retention!

Flag Tech Talk

Flag Tech Talk - Free technical lectures in Flagstaff, Arizona

Free Discussions About Technology for Regular People

Year ago, we created a free lecture series to help educate regular people so they understand more about computers, the internet, and the resources available to them when it comes to managing their small business or organization.

Flag Tech Talk - Technical Lectures in Flagstaff, ArizonaIt is our goal to break down the technical barriers to educate the public in a way that is comfortable, clear, and educational.  We always encourage people to come armed with questions…!

Flag Tech Talk is held every month on the 3rd Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Cafe at Bookmans Entertainment Exchange (1520 S Riordan Ranch Road, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001). Our company is a primary sponsor of Flag Tech Talk.  It is a partnership between Reliable Web Designs and the Coconino SBDC.

For more information: Flag Tech Talk or Latest Lectures

No Techno-Babble Allowed!

Private and Group Classes

If you want to understand more about a specific computer or web related topic that we have expertise in, then you can setup a time with us to get a private or group class. We are willing to work with a single individual and/or come into your place of business to talk with a larger audience.  We can also do these classes on the phone or using web conferences too.  So, if you don’t live near us, we can still help you out!

We have a wide range of options available that cover most of the Web Design and Internet Marketing services we offer. And, we are willing to customize a course to your needs.

Here is a list of some of the courses we can easily provide!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Online Presentation

Analyzing Your Website Statistics
Online Presentation

Simple Steps to Getting & Maintaining a Website
Online Presentation

Social Media Integration
Online Presentation

Basic Security Tips to Keep You Safe
Online Presentation

Mobile Websites & QR Codes
Online Presentation

Some additional options include lessons on:
Shopping Carts, FaceBook and Twitter, All About Blogs, Pros and Cons of WordPress, Targeting My Demographic Online, Buying Ads on the Internet, etc…

If you are interested in setting up a private or group course, please contact us to discuss the details.

Public Lectures and Talks

Our company regularly does free lectures around the Flagstaff area that are on a wide variety of technical topics.

These lectures are always built to be “discussion” oriented so that regular people can ask questions and gain the understanding that they need.  It is important to us that our clients and the public understand the technology as best they can.  It makes them better clients for us when they understand what we are doing.  When a “techie” talks in “techno babble”, it frustrates people to the point where they feel nervous and very often it turns out to be a scam because that web person does what they want and not what you want.  It is our goal to provide services that don’t confuse our clients.

We have done lectures and presentations for many non-profit groups, business incubators, startup business groups, … over the years.  This is our way of giving back to our community. We also sponsor our own lecture series called “Flag Tech Talk” every month.  Please join us for these free public lectures and talks!

Our slogan for our lectures is
“No Techno Babble Allowed!”

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