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Reliable Web Designs - Flagstaff Website Design, Domain Registration, Website Hosting, Search Engine Marketing, and other Internet Marketing Services - Flagstaff Central [Arizona]
Reliable Web Designs - Flagstaff Website Design, Domain Registration, Website Hosting, Search Engine Marketing, and other Internet Marketing Services - Flagstaff Central [Arizona]

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One of the biggest challenges when working on Internet Marketing is determining what your target set of keywords are and then how to hit those phrases with your main website. Often, when you take a look at your site you quickly realize that it is all about the general information presenting your business or organization, and that it would be very difficult to go after the select market that you really need to capture.

This “Target Marketing” service is designed to go after a niche market for a specific topic, event, product, and most importantly – this service goes after a specific and defined set of keywords. We are not looking for global traffic, but extremely targeted traffic for a defined topic!

How does it work?

We design for you a ONE PAGE WordPress WEBSITE that is all about the specific topic you want to go after. We use the same design as your normal site, but we rename and reword everything. The entire content is geared toward the select set of keywords you want to go after. This can “target” almost anything that has a niche market that would be beneficial to you! Then, we blast it out to the Search Engines so that you get listed!

What do you get?

Domain and Server Account:

  • We register a new Domain Name (unless you already have one you want to use) that is about the targeted topic.
  • We set you up with a basic Server Account for this new one page website so that it is a unique site and can be displayed and available to the world.

Design a One Page Website:

  • We design an One Page WordPress Website using the same basic design as your Main Site.
  • We take content from your Main Site and re-write it to target the featured topic (or you can provide the content yourself).
  • We install unique Meta Tags (Title, Keywords, and Descriptions) on this page targeting the featured topic.
  • We rename all of the Pictures and Images so that they are unique and the names represent the featured topic. We also install picture tags defining the topic as well, so that even the images go after your keywords.
  • We install standard Links/Navigation that take people back to your Main Site (which is good for Backlinks for your main site too).

Search Engine Submission:

  • We do a Search Engine Submission of the new one page site using automated software that hits thousands and thousands of Search Engines and Directories.  This gets it out there in a global way.
  • We specifically submit your site to the top Search Engines: Google, Yahoo/Bing…

Intra-Linking Your Sites/Search Engine Popularity:

  • We will make it so all of the links on your Target site point to your main website. This will increase your Search Engine Popularity (also called Backlinks).
  • We will create a link line at the bottom of each Target site (if you do more than one of them) that intra-links all of your Target sites together. This way your own Target Sites will give “popularity points” to your own Target Sites. The more you do, the more backlinks you have.

Maintain Package for Your Site:

  • We will update all of the software each month for you (including WordPress, your Theme Software, and your Plugins).
  • We will run a multi-tiered backup scenario for your site so that if anything does go wrong, we’ve got a copy.
  • We will install basic security software and keep an eye on your site to keep it safe.
  • We will provide you with personalized phone and email support when you have an issue or even a question.

What does this Cost?

Domain Registration: $27/year ($2.25/month)

Website Hosting: $0/month to $10 per month (to the hosting company – this can also be “packaged” with your main website to reduce fees.)

Web Design and Search Engine Plan: $500

Security Certificate:  $39 per year

Basic WordPress Maintenance Plan:  $40 per month  (pro-plan is also available)

Special Multiple Package Offer:

If you are interested in doing more than one of these Target Sites, we are giving 50% off on the design and submission of each additional site when purchases all at once, so the cost is only $250 per site.

Do you have an Example of how this will work?

Our company wants to target the words “Flagstaff Web Design” so that when you search for a designer in our area, you will find our company. Our main website is and it typically comes up in the Top 10 on all of the major Search Engines for these keywords. We recently created a couple of Target Site to try to capture more of the top listings. These sites are and Do a search on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, and see that we are now listed more than once in the top few pages of the listings. Over time we hope to create lots of these Target sites and capture most of the listings in the top searches for “Flagstaff Web Design”.

Here’s a bunch of Target Sites we have done for Clients

Target Your Marketing!

[Please note that this service is only available to existing clients who have a website that we can easily duplicate the design.  Full designing of a new site is not included.  The client must also either provide basic content they wish to have on the new one page site or we will rewrite something from their existing site.  Future site maintenance is not included.  The server account includes space for the new one page site and website statistics, but does not include email addresses or any other options.  Once the Search Engine Submission has been completed we do not provide you with a report. Future marketing plans are available, but not included.  Prices are subject to change and are based on select defined services. Additional features will be billed separately.]

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