Reliable Web Design - Flagstaff Website Design, Domain Registration, Website Hosting, Search Engine Marketing, and other Internet Marketing Services - Flagstaff Central [Arizona]
Reliable Web Designs - Flagstaff Website Design, Domain Registration, Website Hosting, Search Engine Marketing, and other Internet Marketing Services - Flagstaff Central [Arizona]
Reliable Web Designs - Flagstaff Website Design, Domain Registration, Website Hosting, Search Engine Marketing, and other Internet Marketing Services - Flagstaff Central [Arizona]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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The biggest and most effective way to have your site get listed better in the Search Engines is to have the site optimized or prepared in the correct manner. This is well known on the Internet as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Most website designers know very little about what this means because they are only concentrating on making the site look good, but unfortunately they are missing a whole element that is crucial to success on the web.  Just having a website doesn’t mean anyone is every going to find it!!!!

Our company specializes in doing SEO on websites. We work very hard to figure out how to make your site represent your company or organization in the strongest manner for the Search Engines to pick up and list you. When we design a website we automatically add these elements into the site so that it starts out right. We always include this within the original estimate and design so there aren’t any surprises, and so you get a solidly built website right up front. We also work with sites we didn’t design to overhaul them and make them have much better SEO principles. We can help you whether you want us to design your site from the ground up, or take your existing site and make it much more marketable.

Here are some elements to Search Engine Optimization:

  • Meta Tags: This is installing “tags” into the code of your website that tells the Search Engines who you are and what you do. Typically every page of your site should get a unique Title, Description, and Keywords that are built into the code of each page. We will either write these for you or work with you to write them to make them as strong as possible. There are also other tags that we will add to your site to get the best results when your site is scanned or spidered by the Search Engines.
  • Content/Text: It is crucial to have the text of your site to be as strong as possible. We will work with you to make sure you are using your text not only as a good selling tool for your readers, but also to strengthen the site for the Search Engines. Good content is key to a successful website! We will do everything we can to add good keywords into your site to make it as searchable as possible.
  • Alt Tags: These are “picture” tags. If you’ve ever rolled over an image and see a small bit of text pop-up, then you have seen Alt tags. These tags add content to your pages that the Search Engines will pick up. We will add these picture tags and include all sorts of keywords into them that will make your site even stronger.

There are lots of additional elements to making a site as “optimized” or as strong as possible for your Search Engine listings. The above is just a sample of what we can do to your website to make you get more traffic. If you want your site to get good listings in the Search Engines, then this service is probably the most important factor in the equation.

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